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Our first production I Gelosi closed to a full house on May 31st. Thank you to everyone who came to support, check in here for updates!

We believe that the best work comes when actors are truly an ensemble, and that theatre is a craft to be respected. We are deeply committed to the vision we have for this company. We are now fully funded on Indiegogo. Thank you everyone for your donations!! For up to date photos and news, please follow us on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)





















We welcome you to join us on our first artistic journey! 


I Gelosi, by David Bridel, is our first production which opened on May 9th and closes at the end of the month. It tells the story of Italy's first great traveling theatre troupe. In the late 16th century the Gelosi company takes the provinces by storm, thanks to the beauty, wit and charm of Isabella Andreini, one of the very first women ever to play on the stage. Invited to perform at the Court of King Charles IX of France, the Gelosi become the toast of Europe - until they risk the wrath of the Pope with a virulent theatrical satire...


I Gelosi, is, fittingly for us, a story of the birth of a new theatre company. We follow an ensemble of enthusiastic players and their passions, joys, and despairs, both on and off the stage. In a form of meta-theatre, some serious questions are asked: Who, if anyone, should have authority over the artists' expression? Do we do theatre for fame, for profit, for food, for the love of poetry, or do we do it for a political agenda, revenge, or perhaps out of a deep desire to make sense of our own existence and purpose in life, to heal wounds, uplift hearts, and make a change for the better in the world? 


Just like the Gelosi, we are a fledgling theatre company finding our way and speaking our truth, running into the same challenges theatre companies have had throughout centuries. Our show is timely, especially right now, here in LA where the 99-seat debate is heating up the walls of every small and mid-sized theatre. 


Thank you for your support and belief!



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